Gift Cards For Sweepstakes and Prizes

Looking for outstanding new sweepstakes and prizes ideas? The key to any successful sweepstakes or other promotion involving prizes is the attractiveness of the incentive: will your audience like the prize enough to go after it? Choose the wrong prize and your campaign will flop.

But here’s a great solution:
Make universally appealing gift cards the prize, and give your target audience almost unlimited choices.

Sample Sweepstakes Gift Cards

The More Options You Offer, The Better

With gift cards that can be cashed in for gift certificates (or used like a pre-loaded debit card), your cards can be used at your customers favorite stores, movie theaters, diners and so much more. That’s why Sweepstakes and Prizes campaigns using easily redeemable gift cards are so much more successful that those with a fixed, one-choice-only prize. We’ve helped hundreds of well known brands create custom branded campaigns that do so well they repeat them over and over. We can do the same for you.

Need Design Help or Ideas?

We can help with that, too. We have our own in-house design team, and they can bring their massive experience to your project and give you a world class design that can put your campaign over the top. We’re ready when you are, so contact us today.

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